Benefit from the knowledge of an experienced Marketing Consultant and increase your sales!

Bogdan Anghelina

Does your marketing have any impact?

Are you looking for help to sell your product/service, increase your sales, or communicate better with customers?

I can help you with an integrated strategy based on channels that work for you. This way you can scale your business, filter and reach your target audience and sell more at lower costs.

I built the foundation of my experience within marketing agencies - where I worked on all kinds of projects.

Later, I specialized within internal marketing departments of clients. In the last years I have occupied the position of Growth Marketing Manager in IT copmpanies.

Years of marketing experience


Maximise the impact of your budgets

As a Marketing Consultant, it is my job to generate maximum results within the allocated budget. As budgets become increasingly restricted, it requires strong marketing skills to stretch them to the maximum in order to achieve the proposed objectives.

To succeed in all of this, I need not only marketing skills but also a thorough understanding of the brand I am working with and the competitive environment in which it operates.

Any marketer should be able
to answer these questions

Why do you need the services of a Marketing Consultant?

You benefit from the knowledge of an experienced marketing director without bearing the cost of hiring one (or a marketing agency).

When resources are limited, you need the experience of a consultant to achieve notable results.

If you don't have enough time for marketing, a consultant can help you with a well-planned strategy and even its execution.

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During critical times, a person with solid marketing experience will handle the situation tactfully.

A marketing consultant helps you develop your own marketing strategy and promote your products/services, rather than copying the competition.

The marketing consultant brings a new perspective, which can help you see what isn't working and even innovate.


What kind of services
can I help you with?

Own services

For this type of service, after developing the strategy, I coordinate the implementation - whether you want to work with your own team or outsource to someone else.

Alternatively, if you don't have anyone to implement the developed strategy, I can also take care of putting it into practice.

  • Web development
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • SEO On-Page

Outsourced services

For this type of service, I create a strategy for you and oversee the implementation. For implementation, I work with trusted freelancers who can provide quality services at an advantageous price.

The decision is yours! I am available whether you implement the strategy with your own resources, with the help of freelancers/an agency, or with the resources I put at your disposal.

  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Design
  • SEO Off-Page