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Bogdan Anghelina

Do you need a website?

I build attractive websites that guide clients from the homepage to the payment section or the chosen contact form.

I use solutions that balance modern design with responsive functionality to maximize performance and conversions on any device.

I place a lot of value on SEO and optimizations, which I include in my projects and monitor throughout their development.

Whether it's a Presentation Website, an Online Store, a Landing Page for a specific campaign, a Blog, or even a News Website, my combined experience in front-end development and marketing allows me to create complex projects in a reasonable time.

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Engaging websites that convert  

I build modern, customizable, and easy-to-manage websites based on the WordPress platform.
With experience in customizing themes and adapting functionality, and a diverse portfolio of created websites (Business, Sport, HoReCa, Fashion, News, eCommerce, etc), I lay the foundations for captivating websites that convert – produce sales/leads.

Dezvoltare Web: planificare -> implementare -> produs-final
Dezvoltare Web: planificare -> implementare -> produs-final

Building your brand story...

The process of creating a website includes four steps that I go through and briefly detail below.

1. Audit

We start by delving into the details of your business to identify the unique benefits that can differentiate you.

Also in this stage, we identify the flow that users should follow on the site and the final purpose (purchase, contact, lead, etc) to build the new website on a solid foundation.

2. Planning

Based on discussions about the appropriate design elements for your brand and the details noted in the audit phase, I develop a wireframe.

With the help of this, you will be able to know, from the planning phase, what the structure of your website is and how it will look in terms of design.

3. Implementation

Once we have decided on the functionality of the website and how it should look, I put our shared plan into action, taking the time to adjust and implement as necessary to achieve a successful result.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the project during implementation.

4. Evaluation

Once I finish the website, I make sure everything is working as planned and begin the process of moving it from the test environment to your domain.

Together, we review the finished product and determine the next steps to ensure the success of your business!


  •   Mediation of domain and hosting service acquisition
  •   Transferring the website from staging to the client's domain
  •   Updating links and ensuring all functionality
  •   Basic website optimization (SEO, loading speed and security)
  •   Technical support & free modifications for 60 days after website creation
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In a few words, describe the website you want and I will carefully review the details and send you a price quote.

In addition to the price quote, I will also send you a list of suggestions, accompanied by a brief overview of the project.

Whether we collaborate or not, you get some Free advice!

All sites contain an administration panel
that allows you to...

  • Easy administration in any language
  • Sales report system
  • Real-time statistics
  • Quick search system
  • User/customer registration and login
  • Coupon system for discounts
  • Customer and order management
  • Product review system
  • Adding and editing products
  • Adding and editing pages
  • Adding and editing categories
  • Adding and editing media files
panou de administrare website