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Bogdan Anghelina

Need an SEO strategy?

SEO helps you gain an advantage over your competitors through an integrated strategy that combines content marketing, technical optimization (SEO), social media, paid advertising, and other elements of online marketing.

I have been testing and implementing SEO strategies (primarily on-page optimization of websites) for over 10 years. I have concluded that there is a little bit of SEO in most online activities. However, this does not mean that everyone needs the same SEO services.

My offer consists of a tailored strategy to meet the needs of your business, generated after an audit of the platform you want to optimize.

Optimised websites


Years of experience


What you get by

Implementing an SEO strategy

More website traffic

As your website's visibility increases, you will start to notice an increase in the number of visitors.

More leads

We can target the audience that is most likely to be interested in your products or services..

Increased revenue

Increasing the number of leads facilitates turning them into clients.

Brand Awareness

Your brand can become the one that your customers think of before considering competitors.

Business growth

New visitors, leads, and increased awareness generate new opportunities for growth..

Increased authority

When you reach the top of the search results, clients will consider you an authority in the industry.


What is included in an SEO strategy

Site health

There are many variables that can affect the overall health of a website. I ensure that algorithm changes, indexing errors, or manual actions do not cause problems.

Competition analysis

Many companies are competing for the keywords you're targeting. I will analyze their strengths and weaknesses to find new opportunities that will ensure your success.

Page optimization

I ensure that your site converts prospects into customers and is properly optimized to achieve the best results.

Link Building

Quality links from sources generate relevant traffic to your site and help increase its authority.

Content Marketing

Quality content attracts readers, helps to increase the site's rankings, generates traffic, and increases the likelihood of generating external links.

Monthly reporting

I'll keep you informed with a monthly report on the optimizations made and how they've affected your online presence.


How SEO works?

If you're wondering how SEO works, here is a brief overview of key factors in an SEO strategy.

"Keywords that are relevant to your business lie at the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. These give us an insight into the questions and concerns of your consumers.
Since we are not the only ones targeting top positions in search engine results, any SEO strategy starts with an analysis of the industry and competitors.
User experience is defined by how well your website's pages are optimized. That's why I combine SEO with web design and development modifications to achieve the best results. All aspects, from page text to site menu, contribute to the ultimate goal.
Attracting quality links remains a constant in SEO strategies. External links contribute to increasing your site in search engine results and can generate long-term quality traffic.
Periodically, I analyze all relevant metrics and data to adapt the SEO strategy and achieve better results.


Request a personalized quote by completing the details of your project in the attached form. I will analyze your website and provide you an implementation proposal and a financial offer.

You will get some free ideas, whether you choose to work with me or not!

For every second that your site takes to load, the conversion rate decreases by 4.42% (Portent, 2019)

conversion rate vs. page loading time
Walmart has found that for every second reduced in page loading time, conversions increased by 2%.
COOK increased conversions by 7% while reducing page load times by 0.85 seconds.
Mobify found that every 100 milliseconds reduced in homepage load time resulted in a 1.11% increase in conversions.

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